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Ō Mātou Tāngata

Who We Are

We work together, bringing different skills and knowledge systems to the table, towards the common goal of contributing to a more sustainable and peaceful world, through knowledge sharing and action.

Chair and Commissioners

The New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO comprises a Chair, a team of five national Commissioners and a Special Advisor for Youth. Our Chair and Commissioners are appointed by Cabinet and each is a specialist in one area of UNESCO’s mandate, and advises on that area of work. Together they oversee the Commission strategy and work programme.

The Secretariat

We are a small, specialised team based within the Ministry of Education’s International Division, in Wellington. We co-ordinate New Zealand’s relationship with UNESCO and carry out programmes and activities that are part of UNESCO’s mandate on behalf of New Zealand as a Member State. We work in partnership with the wider New Zealand Community and other UNESCO member states , sharing knowledge and taking action to contribute to a more sustainable and peaceful world.

UNESCO Aotearoa Youth Leaders

Our UNESCO Aotearoa Youth Leaders are a team of young people aged between 18 and 25 who serve as advisors and ambassadors for UNESCO’s mandate, negotiating inclusive ways for young people to be engaged and empowered in the National Commission’s programme areas.

Next up

Find out more about our UNESCO Youth Leaders and the work they are involved in.
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