To minimise the impact of COVID-19, the Open Education Resources Foundation (OER NZ) and the Commonwealth of Learning (Canada) joined forces to form an OER support community called OER4Covid19.

What is OER4Covid?

OER4Covid is a sustainable and renewable resource for institutions making the transition to online learning during the coronavirus pandemic.

It includes on-line resources, open-source software, web conferencing tools and other resources which were shared with 1400 participants in 29 countries.

Wayne Macintosh (UNESCO Chair) was one of the project leads.

OER4Covid aims

The initiative aims to:

  • Establish an open, online community support network for educators tasked with transitioning to online learning
  • In consultation with developing countries, assess local needs to transition to online learning
  • Share OER-enabled online courses for reuse and remixing by institutions around the world
  • Provide examples of open technologies to minimize the risks of proprietary vendor lock-in during this crisis
  • Curate openly licensed resources to assist educators and learners transitioning to online learning.
  • Build capacity among educators to design and develop OER-enabled online courses for local needs.

Our role

We were proud to support the project through our Minor Grant fund.

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