Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Recommendation

With its unique mandate, UNESCO has led the international effort to ensure that science and technology develop with strong ethical guardrails.


In 2021 UNESCO produced the first-ever global standard on AI ethics – the ‘Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence’. This framework was adopted by all 193 Member States.

The protection of human rights and dignity is the cornerstone of the Recommendation, based on the advancement of fundamental principles such as transparency and fairness, always remembering the importance of human oversight of AI systems.

The Recommendation includes Policy Action Areas, which allow policymakers to translate the core values and principles into action with respect to data governance, environment and ecosystems, gender, education and research, and health and social wellbeing, among many other spheres.

You can download the recommendation below:

Or read the Recommendation on UNESCO's website:

Summary brochure

The UNESCO National Commissions of Germany, the Netherlands and Slovenia – in cooperation with the International Research Centre on AI (IRCAI) have published a brochure on the UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of AI.

In less than 20 pages, the brochure provides a summary of the key contents of the AI Recommendation and insights into its calls for regulatory action in five policy areas (health, culture, gender, research and education, and environment and ecosystems).

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