Access to information – A guarantee of inclusion and disability rights.

The importance of access to information as an internationally recognised human right for all, including for persons with disabilities, has long been acknowledged. However, the realisation of this right for those with disabilities remains a challenge.

The report

Access to Information Laws – A guarantee of inclusion and Disability Rights – is a report authored by AUT Law School Senior Lecturer, Dr Lida Ayoubi, and came about as part of UNESCO’s work as the custodian agency for Sustainable Development Goal Indicator 16.10.2 on Public Access to Information.

Dr Ayoubi’s report provides an analysis of the inclusion of persons with disabilities or lack thereof in Access to Information legislations across the globe, based on the existing Access to Information laws in 132 countries. The report further presents a series of recommendations to advance the rights of persons with disabilities within the scope of the right to information.

The Author

Dr Lida Ayoubi is a Senior Lecturer at AUT Law School where she teaches international human rights law, international law and intellectual property law. She holds a PhD degree from Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) where she received a Doctoral Scholarship, a Doctoral Submission Scholarship, and the 2015 John Miller Award in Social Justice and Community Development for her thesis on "The Interface of Copyright and Human Rights: Access to Copyright Works for the Visually Impaired". She also holds an LLM degree from Lund University in Sweden on international human rights law. She received her LLB degree from the University of Tehran in Iran where she is from.

Dr Lida Ayoubi


Access to Information Laws – A guarantee of inclusion and Disability Right

By Dr Lida Ayoubi

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