Helping children make sense of disaster

Responding to our communities needs.

In 2020 as a result of the pandemic we refocused our Minor Grant fund to support projects that responded to COVID-19 to enable us to best support the needs of our community.

We supported 16 projects in total in 2020 including Te Rito Toi.

Te Rito Toi is an online resource developed to support teachers as they returned to the classroom post lockdown, it uses the arts to manage the stories, questions and issues children bring to the classroom after trauma or crisis.

Created by the University of Auckland’s Centre for Arts and Social Transformation, it offers a rich selection of tools for teachers, specifically designed by experts in the field of student wellbeing and ways teachers can help children process disastrous events.

Since its launch last year at Sylvia Park School by the Hon Jan Tinetti, Associate Minister of Education, Te Rito Toi has had more than 250,000 visits and received international recognition from UNESCO and the OECD.

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