FRESH PERSPECTIVES: Technology, freedom of expression, identity and inclusion.

Read three unique and personal perspectives centered around Freedom of Expression, commissioned by the National Commission and originally published in Curriculum Matters.

Fresh Perspectives

In 2019, the National Commission contributed a special section to Curriculum Matters with a range of perspectives on Global Citizenship Education - a key area of focus for UNESCO nationally and globally. In 2024, we have commissioned a further series, authored by three young emerging writers reflecting their unique perspectives on changes in technology, freedom of expression, inclusion and diversity.

The set of papers opens and closes with commentary from Fiona Cram (Ngāti Pahauwera), Director of Katoa Ltd and Kate Hannah, Director of the Disinformation Project, who contextualise the themes of the papers as they relate to their own areas of interest and experience.

Two of the papers are written by former UNESCO Aotearoa Youth Leaders Kauri Tearaura (Ngāti Mahuta) and Katja Neef, while the third is written by Hannah Christini, a final year teacher education student.

The three share how their personal identities have shaped their interest in, understandings of, and engagement with modern technologies and the complex issues that they raise.

Kauri picks up the themes of identity and diversity. He argues how the use of current technologies, when left unchecked, leads to hate speech and hate crime, especially against minority communities.

Katja examines technology and media in Aotearoa New Zealand through a migrant lens, which enables her to highlight structural racism and the harm that it has done, and will continue to do, unless we begin to take individual responsibility for our part in its perpetuation.

Hannah brings a note of hope. After outlining her motivation to become a teacher, she discusses how she intends to prepare the young people she will teach to be more discerning consumers of technology and media, in order to build a more inclusive society.

Fresh Perspectives

Technology, freedom of expression, identity and inclusion.

Read the papers here.

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