Building Narratives to Protect our Communities

Two years after the Christchurch mosque attacks UNESCO Aotearoa Youth Leader Sondos Quraan reflects on the events of that tragic day and shares her thoughts on where we are as a country today and how, as a nation, we can shape a positive future together.

"As a young Muslim woman who is proud to call New Zealand my home, I stand with you regardless of your background. I stand with you against any attempt to make any New Zealander feel out of place. I stand with you in the same way you stood with my community.

I ask you all to consider yourselves in this narrative. To continue the conversation and help us build narrative that protect our community and make New Zealand a safe place for everyone. I want every New Zealander to experience the New Zealand that I grew up in, surrounded by love, support and compassion.

In the years to come, I believe there is still more work to be done, I believe we can be the change we want to see and set an example on the world stage. We have made it so far in the last two years and myself and many other youth want to see this momentum continue. We have a lot of power and strength as a country and I am optimistic about the future Aotearoa, the Aotearoa that our children can one day say our parents fought for. We must continue the conversation.

A Muslim New Zealander at home, A Muslim New Zealander here, always enough for both.”

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