Big Girls Project

Big Girls are large-scale puppets made by and for women of diverse nationalities who call Aotearoa New Zealand home, including new migrants and refugees.

What are Big Girls?

Big Girls bring visibility to a community in a positive and fun way and can rock any festival or gathering when they start dancing.

The project’s kaupapa is:

  • To facilitate alternative education spaces promoting artistic expression, lifelong learning, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue.
  • To build communities where people are involved and celebrate the diversity of their neighbours.
  • To encourage hopes and dreams through street spectacles for and by the community.
  • To raise awareness of environmental issues and positive actions for change incorporating sustainable renewable home-grown resources and materials.

Big Girls are a recipient of our major grant scheme.

Big Girls Documentary

Learn more about the Big Girl puppets. Watch them come to live, and take to the streets during festivals and woman’s day in 2017.

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