Visit to UNESCO Office for the Pacific States

group photo Apia March 2017The National Commission strengthened its Pacific connections with a visit to the UNESCO Office for the Pacific States in Apia in March.

Chair Robyn Baker and Secretary General Vicki Soanes were hosted by the newly appointed Director of the UNESCO Apia office, Ms Nisha over three days. During their visit they participated in a series of meetings with UNESCO specialists in each of the programme areas.

“It was a great opportunity to discuss and exchange UNESCO’s work and the National Commission’s priorities, investigating possible work together,” says Vicki. “Our strategic focus prioritises the Pacific region, so being able to build our relationships in this way is invaluable.”

Vicki and Robyn experienced traditional Samoan hospitality, including a visit to the Apia Cultural Centre, learning about cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible and UNESCO’s work in the areas. They also accompanied the Science specialist to a visit to Saleapaga, a village that participated in a climate change research project supported by UNESCO.

The UNESCO Office for the Pacific States serves 16 UNESCO member states, including New Zealand. Ms Nisha was appointed in December 2016.