UNESCO World Press Freedom Day 2010


Freedom of Information and the Right to Know

3 MAY 2010

Every 3 May,  World Press Freedom Day represents an opportunity to commemorate the fundamental principles of press freedom around the globe and to pay solemn tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day 2010 will be held from 2 to 3 May in Brisbane, Australia. It will highlight the importance of freedom of information as an integral part of freedom of expression and its contribution to democratic governance.  The celebration is being organised jointly by UNESCO and the School of Journalism and Communication at Australia’s University of Queensland, under the theme “Freedom of Information: the Right to Know”. The event is expected to foster reflection and exchange of ideas on freedom of information to advance empowerment, transparency, accountability and the fight against corruption. It will also look at the key obstacles to the effective exercise of the right to know in today’s digitalized world.

The occasion will serve to call on UNESCO Member States to reaffirm and implement their international commitments to guarantee and promote freedom of information and to remind civil society organizations, other relevant stakeholders, and the news media in particular, of their central role in furthering it.

The Award Ceremony for the 2010 UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize will be held on 3 May. The prize will be presented to a journalist or an organization that has made a notable contribution to the defence of freedom of expression. The 2010 winner is planned to be announced during the month of April.

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