UNESCO Sustainable Future Award -The Outlook for Someday

Chair Neil Waler with the winners Beau Wing, Jourdan Tout, Tyler Reid, Te Hau Robinson, Luke Sale, Nathaniel Sutton, Max Wilson. The National Commission is delighted to congratulate students from Kauri Park Primary School on winning the UNESCO Sustainable Future Award in The Outlook for Someday film challenge.

10 and 11 year olds, Beau Wing, Jourdan Tout, Tyler Reid, Te Hau Robinson, Luke Sale, Nathaniel Sutton, Max Wilson (pictured above with National Commission Chair Neil Walter), won the award with their short film entitled, “Someday Everyone Will Scooter”.
Judge for the National Commission Vicki Soanes says this year’s winner stood out for its simple yet clear articulation of key UNESCO themes, including the achievement of peace through the promotion of human rights and the hope that all people, including children, have what they need to be active members of society.
“Their vision of a world free of poverty, bullying and teasing, and where all people respect each other, is the very basis of a sustainable society.”
The National Commission is proud to be a partner for the fourth time in the annual Outlook for Someday film challenge – New Zealand’s annual sustainability film project for young people.
The Outlook for Someday challenge is to make a short sustainability-related film and anyone up to the age of 24 can enter, either individually or in a team.  Each year, the National Commission sponsors a special prize called the ‘UNESCO Sustainable Future Award’, for a film which promotes dialogue on sustainability through a new perspective and/or critical thinking.

Watch the young film-makers award winning short film “One Day everyone will Scooter”, here or read more about the Outlook for Someday annual Film challenge at their website, http://theoutlookforsomeday.net/.
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