Samoan Language Week 2010


“O le Tātou gagana Sāmoa I Niu Sila”
“Our Samoan language in NZ”

Sunday 30 May – Saturday 5 June 2010

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Samoan Language Week was first promoted by Radio Niu FM as part of a series of Pacific language weeks leading up to Māori Language Week. Since 2007 it has been promoted in schools by the Association for the Teaching of Samoa in Aotearoa, FAGASA Inc , Faalapotopotonga mo le Aoaoina o le Gagana Samoa i Aotearoa. In 2009 FAGASA and the Human Rights Commission partnered with other organisations to extend the week to the wider New Zealand community.  In 2010, FAGASA Inc and Te Taura Whiri i te reo Maori (Maori Language Commission) have joined forces to promote both Samoan Language Week and Maori Language Week.  English, Maori and Samoan are the three most spoken languages in New Zealand.

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 Click here to go to Victoria University’s, Samoan – Mata’upu Tau Samoa : Samoan language resources

Click here to find out about Gagana Samoa: A Samoan language coursebook written by Galumalemana Afeleti Hunkin

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