Sondos Quraan

Sondos Quraan

UNESCO Aotearoa Youth Leader

Sondos is a young Muslim woman who has lived in Christchurch for most of her life. Originally from Jordan, Sondos has always shared a love for two countries she is privileged to call home –Aotearoa and Irbid.

Sondos is passionate about human rights and community advocacy and from a young age got involved with her New Zealand community. This immense passion led her to pursue a degree in Law and she hopes to continue onto a Masters in International Law and Politics.

Sondos is eager to support young refugees and immigrants like herself, figure out the difficult path of moving to a new country, learning a new language, culture and staying true to one’s identity.

Sondos, being a first-generation immigrant experienced these issues first-hand while growing up in New Zealand and has had to navigate her life as a young Muslim woman faced with many stereotypes.

“It is our responsibility to change the narratives that have existed before us. We must foster emotional connections with one another regardless of our ethnic or racial backgrounds. We must bridge the societal gaps which have led to destructive narratives that place minority groups in a one size fits all box.”

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