Blair Kapa Peters and Kiwi

Blair Kapa-Peters

UNESCO Aotearoa Youth Leader

Blair was raised in rural New Zealand deep in the Far North. Blair works as a Youth Navigator but her primary focus is advocacy within the community around environmental protection and civic participation.

Blair has worked in Community and Environmental development since 2015 organising avian avoidance workshops, dog control strategies, recognising and preventing the spread of Kauri dieback and Kiwi Advocacy Awareness. She is passionate about the preservation of native flora and fauna and promotes her messages through Schools, Community clubs, Marae, local events and online. In 2017 Blair received the Kiwi Bank local hero award for her efforts in the environmental sector and youth work with Rangatahi.

“Find what you are passionate about and don’t give it up. It’s amazing how many opportunities arrive when you put your heart into everything you do. Having the privilege be a part of the UNESCO Aotearoa Youth leaders this term is an absolute blessing, and I can’t wait to be amongst inspiring people with a wealth of knowledge. I hope that my time can make a positive impact and I know I will definitely be bringing all my learnings home to share with my community.”

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