Pacific Press Freedom Alert 2011





Pacific Crisis: Fiji dictator speaks out NEW ZEALAND 15/5/11 Visit Stuff

Media Alliance may help Pacific move forward says PIMA

NEW ZEALAND 12/5/11 Visit Pacific Scoop
Vanuatu newspaper publisher wants Pacific Media complaints council SAMOA 6/5/11 Visit Radio Australia
Savea claims PINA losing critical voice on Media Freedom SAMOA 6/5/11 Visit Pacific Scoop
Pacific media organisations meet on World Press Freedom Day SAMOA 3/5/11 Visit Australia Network News
No end in sight for Fiji’s media crackdown FIJI 27/4/11 Visit Sydney Morning Herald

Samoan Police  brutality features in 2010 Human Rights Report                                                    


12/4/11 Visit Talamua News
Four Accused in Media Assault Caes to Appear in Court VANUATU 11/4/11 Visit Scoop
Frightening campaign to silence critics SAMOA 15/4/11 Visit Scoop
Media group welcomes charges for Vanuatu Minister VANUATU 5/4/11 Visit Scoop
Minister to appear in court in relation to assault of publisher VANUATU 5/4/11 Visit Radio NZ
Minister to face court in publisher assault case VANUATU 5/4/11 Visit Scoop
PFF welcomes regime lifting of media ban, calls for open dialogue FIJI 1/4/11 Visit Pacific Press
US critical of Vanuatu media assault VANUATU 30/3/11 Visit Radio NZ
Ni Vanuatu Restates Coup Risk Amid Police Woes VANUATU 28/3/11 Visit Scoop
PFF welcomes prompt Police action over car burning SOLOMON ISLANDS 27/3/11 Visit Pacific Freedom
Editorial ethics breached in Vanuatu tragedy VANUATU 25/3/11 Visit Scoop
Tautua backtracks on Media ban SAMOA 25/3/11 Visit Talamua
PFF Condems climate of impunity in Papua PNG 8/3/11 Visit Pacific
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