UNESCO Aotearoa Youth Leaders

The New Zealand National Commission works with a team of young people aged between 18 and 25 called the UNESCO Aotearoa Youth Leaders. Group members primarily serve as advisors, negotiating inclusive ways for young people to be engaged and empowered in the National Commission’s programme areas.

As UNESCO ambassadors and change agents, the youth leaders work to build UNESCO’s profile and identify where they can drive, support and collaborate with organisations, networks and initiatives that align with UNESCO’s target areas.

There are currently 10 members:

  • Raven Maeder (Chair)
  • Peter McKenzie
  • Ashlee Peacock
  • Nola Smart
  • Charlotte Steel
  • Liletina Vaka
  • Māia Tapsell
  • Morgan King
  • Nick Mailau
  • Shahin Najak