Kiwi Holocaust Survivors focus of new DVD

Kiwi Holocaust Survivors focus of new DVD FOR ANNE FRANK DIARY EXHIBITION

The testimonies of New Zealand’s own Holocaust survivors will be the subject of a poignant DVD that will accompany the Anne Frank Travelling Exhibition this year.
The DVD was produced with support from the NZ National Commission for UNESCO. It has been made by experienced film director, Anna Cottrell and AC Productions, with skilful interviewing by renowned journalist Ian Fraser.
“By learning about some of the world’s darkest times, young New Zealanders can learn to value the importance of tolerance and freedom in a just society.  Education is our best safeguard to ensure these horrors are not repeated,” says NZ National Commission for UNESCO chairman, Bryan Gould.
“The stories of our own people, other New Zealanders, who survived the Holocaust need to be heard and learnt from.”
The Anne Frank travelling exhibition will reach New Zealand for the first time this year.
“This simple diary kept by a young girl who was murdered in the Holocaust has become one of the world’s most well-known, powerful and treasured examples of tolerance education,” says Mr Gould.
“In 1946 when UNESCO’s constitution came into force, New Zealand was the second country to step forward to sign it. We did so, in the aftermath of that tragic conflict and with the horror of the Holocaust fresh in our minds, so that the instinct for peace and for a common humanity should take hold in the minds of new generations.”
Last year, UNESCO included the manuscripts of Anne Frank in its Memory of the World Register, the World Heritage List for documents. This inventory contributes to the preservation of precious documents from archives and collections, including libraries throughout the world.
The exhibition will be launched at Te Papa on Wednesday 10th February 2010 and will tour New Zealand throughout the year. 
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