2015/2016 UCAF Grant Recipients

Organisation: New Zealand Centre for Global Studies (NZCGS)

Project: Global Citizenship Education in New Zealand

Summary: This project has two components. Firstly, it will conduct research into the implementation of Global Citizenship Education (GCED) both in New Zealand and internationally and make a case for the implementation of GCED within the New Zealand Curriculum. Secondly, the NZCGS will host a series of conferences to introduce students to the concept of global citizenship for the 21st century. Students will have access to the expertise of NZCGS board members and some will be selected for a weekend retreat at the centre.

Read more about the project here.

Organisation: New Zealand Human Rights Commission

Project: Tackling Casual Racism

Summary: One third of complaints to the Human Rights Commission are complaints of racial or religious abuse or discrimination. This project aims to increase positive awareness about diversity through a nationwide high visibility empathy building campaign.

Organisation: Hokotehi Moriori Trust

Project: Hokopanopano kā Toi Moriori

Summary: This project focuses on the revival of the unique carving traditions on living kōpi trees. It centres on a wānanga to bring expert carvers to assist Moriori with the manufacture of suitable chisels from local stone and and to revive carving technology. 

Organisation: Pacific Research and Policy Centre, Massey University

Project: Science for sustainable development: Assessing and Improving water quality in Samoa

Summary: This project focuses on educational engagement on the relevance of science using DNA monitoring technology to provide a foundation for effective monitoring of water quality in Samoa. Funds will be used to provide training and to facilitate uptake by key stakeholders for monitoring and microbial assessments of two major catchments in Upolu, village water springs and sources. The project will also encourage community education engagement, ensuring intercultural dialogue to maximise awareness in villages and communities of water quality issues.

Organisation: Auckland University of Technology – School of Communication Studies

Project: World Journalism Education Congress

Summary: Auckland University of Technology’s School of Communication Studies is hosting the 2016 World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC). This funding will bring one keynote speaker to the congress, offer travel grants to participants from developing countries and support the research project that will have an ongoing value beyond the event as a part of the AUT Media Observatory research programme.

Read more about our sponsorship here.

Visit the WJEC website for further information.

Organisation: University of Canterbury

Project: Community Journalism Project

Summary: The Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism programme at the University of Canterbury is developing an exploratory Citizen Stories/Community Journalism project which aims to provide a story-telling mechanism to help journalists to engage with and report on diverse communities. The funding will further develop the UC project by working with Christchurch’s Filipino community to develop its own media and/or communication and, in doing so, pilot new media tools that might also meet the needs of other minority groups. By involving journalism students in that work, they aim to also develop a model of intercultural training for journalism students and professional journalists.

Organisation: UNESCO Memory of the World Aotearoa/New Zealand Trust

Project: Further Promotion of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme

Summary: This project will develop promotional tools to highlight the value of New Zealand’s documentary heritage. The aim is to encourage more inscriptions on New Zealand and international Memory of the World registers and to provide some tools that can be used by small to medium size cultural heritage institutions, iwi and education providers to promote the benefits of caring for our documentary heritage.

Organisation: UNESCO Memory of the World Aotearoa/New Zealand Trust

Project: Travel of Dianne Macaskill to the MOWCAP meeting in Vietnam

Summary: Dianne Macaskill will participate in the Memory of the World Committee for Asia and the Pacific in Hue, Vietnam, 18-21 May. The meeting will select successful nominations to the MOWCAP register as well as set the direction for MOWCAP for the next two years.

Organisation: Research Trust of Victoria University of Wellington (Philip Fountain)

Project: Woven Together: Christianity and Development between New Zealand and the Pacific

Summary: This conference will focus specifically on the relationships between Christianity and development in the Pacific, with particular attention to how New Zealand churches and other Christian actors are involved in the flows of personnel, finances and other resources in the work of peace and justice. The conference will bring together leading researchers, NGP and humanitarian workers, church leaders and policy makers.

Organisation: Migrating Kitchen Trust

Project: Spotlight on Cultures Documentary Film

Summary: The objectives and purpose of the Spotlight on Cultures documentary film is to invite young people to tell their stories, reflect on their identity and culture, celebrate their thoughts and sentiments and share solutions.

Organisation: Research Trust of Victoria University (Lee Davidson)

Project: Symposium on International Museum Exhibitions and Intercultural Dialogue

Summary: This funding is for a symposium on International museum exhibitions and intercultural dialogue. The symposium will provide the first ever New Zealand forum for academics, museum professionals, cultural policy experts and other stakeholders to discuss the links between museums, exhibition exchange and intercultural dialogue.

Organisation: New Zealand Human Rights Commission

Project: Te Kahui Tika Tangata: Diversity Forum

Summary: This funding is for the 11th annual Diversity Forum, 2015. The 2015 year’s forum theme “Empathy in the Face of Diversity” encourages participants to walk in someone else’s shoes and to see the world through someone else’s eyes. The keynote speaker is Dr Gill Hicks, survivor of the London bombings in 2005 and double amputee.

Organisation: NZ Holocaust Centre

Project: Holocaust Remembrance Day

Summary: This event takes place on 27 January 2016 at Makara Cemetery, followed by an event at Parliament. The theme is children of the Holocaust.

Read more about the event here.

Organisation: NIWA (Kevin MacKay)

Project: Attendance at Ocean Biographic Information System (OBIS) Steering Group meeting in Oostende, Belgium

Summary: The intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO has selected the Ocean Biographic Information System (OBIS) among its top priorities. This funding will enable Kevin Mckay to attend the fifth meeting of the steering group for OBIS which will be held in Oostende, Belgium in 2016.