Beeby Award

Katie Fitzpatrick and Kat Wells

Current Beeby Fellows - Dr Katie Fitzpatrick (left) and Kat Wells

The Beeby Award (formerly Beeby Fellowship) is a partnership between NZCER and the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO. The Award, previously known as the Fellowship, was first awarded in 1998. It is named after Dr Clarence Beeby who, in 1934, became the first Director of NZCER, and was Assistant Director-General of UNESCO from 1948-49. The Beeby Award is offered every two years. 

2018 Beeby Award

The Beeby Award supports development of an innovative learning resource based on high quality research. The Award supports collaboration between research and practice communities so that learners benefit from research findings. The learning resource can be in any format that enables easy use in a range of learning environments, not limited to schools.

The Award is worth $30,000. The recipient/s are expected to devote 3-4 months full-time or equivalent on the Award. The resulting resource is expected to be of high quality and to be published by NZCER Press.

The recipient/s are expected to be involved in promoting their learning resource and the Award. This may include presenting a seminar in a location negotiated with NZCER and the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO.

Applications are welcome from individuals and partnerships in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is expected applicants will be working in the education sector or related sectors, including early childhood centres, kura kaupapa, and communities. Applicants should have some experience of undertaking or applying educational research.

Please read the 2018 Beeby Award - criteria and instructions for more information.

Applications will be accepted before 5pm Friday 31 July 2018.

2016 Beeby Fellowship

The Beeby Fellowship 2016 is supporting the creation of a mental health education teaching resource. Associate Professor Katie Fitzpatrick, an internationally recognised authority in health education from the University of Auckland, and Kat Wells, head of the health and physical education faculty at Lynfield College, Auckland, are the co-Beeby Fellows. You can read more about their project here.